AVI to Plex: Play AVI Files on TV through Plex

How to make AVI compatible with Plex so that it can help you stream this AVI on your TV for playback? For the most effective way to tackle this problem is to trasncode AVI to H.264 MP4 for your Plex to recognize.

Plex, known as the powerful and all-round HD media player as well as a media streamer, has already won its reputation. It can allow you watch the HD movies or TV shows on your TV and view your local media files. What’s more, by adding channels , you can extend it as the personal-tailor TV set. You can add all the TV channels you like or plus some useful channels for streaming files more easily. But many users may have encountered that AVI can’t successfully playback via Plex problem. How to fix this?


Simple introduction of AVI

AVI, Audio Video Interleave video file format is developed by Microsoft mainly for Windows operating systems. Audio and video can be played in synchronous format without any halt in the video. AVI file format can be played with various media players like AVI media player, Media player classic, Plex and many others.

Sometimes, while playing your AVI media file with Plex media player, you may face ‘plex error while opening file’. This may because the inner codec stop you from correctly playing. AVI can also called the “Container” format, which the real things are behind it. You can know the detailed information about your AVI files by using Media Info. Such as the container format MKV to Plex.

Reasons lead to Plex errors while opening AVI file:

Software / Hardware conflicts: Software / hardware conflicts in the system can lead to plex error as a result of which the AVI file becomes inaccessible and generates error while playing AVI file on your system

Bad Sectors: Increase in the number of bad sectors on the hard drive can damage your AVI file. Once the AVI file gets corrupted, it generates an error ‘plex error while opening AVI file’ when being played in Plex player

Other reasons: Apart from above mentioned reasons, there are others scenarios like power surge, system crash, hard drive failure and virus infection that can cause damage to AVI files leading to ‘plex error while opening file’

AVI to Plex Solutions:

First, make sure your AVI files are intact and can be playback on your computer. You can download some free player to have a test, such as VLC, QuickTime. If your files are complete clean, then you can try to update your PMG server, which may fix the AVI problem.

If above all the PMG server can’t solve it and you are not such a technical guy, you can try to transcode them into H.264 MP4 for solve the AVI problem. Actually, the Plex will convert the uploading files default, but sometimes it just failed to do so.

In order to save you from complex running steps, here suggest you this Pavtube Video Converter for Windows/Mac. You may worry about the output quality and the degradation. No need to worry about this aspect, this converter will maintain the quality as the original one and even bring it to a higher level, especially for 4K videos.

Simple steps as below:

Step 1: Launch this converter on your computer. Click “File”>”Add Video/Audio” to load your files.



For Mac version, if your app can’t install and pop up this “unidentified developer”, please follow those steps:

-Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu.

-Choose “Security & Privacy” and then click the “General” tab, followed by clicking the lock icon in the corner to unlock the settings

– Look for “Allow applications downloaded from” and choose “Mac App Store and identified developers”

– Accept the security warning and allow

– You can now launch any app from any location or developer

Step2. Choose “H.264 HD MP4” as your output format.


Step3. Select the output file location and adjust parameters if you need

Step4.Start to convert AVI to H.264 MP4 for streaming to Plex

You don’t have to install some media server or codec packages to make AVI friendly. This AVI to Plex converter will take all the rest for you, thanks to the inner decoder, no complex to follow , everything just goes easy and smooth. Now after the conversion, you can check your converted files by clicking “Open” or “Open output folder” in case you forget to set the file location.

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