How to Compress Video for Email, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook?

Large files can’t be successfully upload online, plus some unfriendly formats don’t allow you playback your videos correctly. People like to upload their videos to YouTube , Vimeo ,Facebook for sharing and send videos by email. But for the file size and format problem, it can’t be realized easily. In this article , 5 easy ways will be offered for you to choose.

Almost all of us have encountered one same problem that is “How to upload my videos to YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook/Email?” That’s true. Some unknown problems will happen when you do the uploading thing, like the website said your files are larger than the maximum support uploading size, or your file format can’t be recognized by the site, even when you upload them successfully after a long time, playback shows such painful result for a picture blurred, audio and video unsync, or drag progress bar just stop the playback,etc.

Compress Video for Email, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook

To solve those kind problem, first, you have to compress the file size to a smaller one which the website can support, second for the incompatible problem, you can to check the target website supported formats then transcode your files into those formats. After these two steps , you can upload your videos smoothly. Select a good converter can save you a bunch of times , for good converted quality and fast speed.Here shows you 5 easy ways to solve all those problems once for all.

1. Pavtube Video Converter (Win/Mac)

This converter will allow you to compress a video to a suitable format and then share on YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo directly and for transferring files via email. For all the file formats can be accepted by this converter thanks to the inner codec it installed and plenty of presets will save you time for choosing proper format. For Win version , you can deal with H.265 4K videos to make them suitable for uploading online. For Mac version, not only for the web sharing , but for NLEs editing ,like FCP, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, etc, this app can totally handle it. Before choosing the proper format , you can go to the website you want to upload to check the supported formats by those websites. Click “Settings” to downscale the file size will be much easily for uploading.

Several things you need to know about parameters adjustment:

  • Frame rate – It represents how frequent are your key frames. Different frames can directly affect the video size. You can try to cut your original fps to a smaller one which will cut your whole file size. But the result will not be such obvious
  • Pixel Dimension – The larger the Pixel Dimension is the bigger the video file will be. If you have a 4k raw videos which this parameter up to 3840*2160, then it must take longer time for uploading compared to those 720*480 files.
  • Bitrate – This is the key elements to decide the file size, if you change this parameter to a smaller, even for a small change , the whole file size will have a obvious reduce. But lower bit rate , poorer video quality.

2. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimaite/ iMedia Converter for Mac

You can absolute solve all your compress problem from this one, for not only for your all kinds of videos. This converter will help you transcode them all, but also the commercial discs if you like. BD, DVD , Videos all those file sources can be compressed for sharing online or transfer via different tools or NET. With those converters, you can also cut , trim , split, merge,etc with the build-in editor.

3. Sorenson Media Squeeze 9

If you just want a stand-alone professional video compressor to adjust options like pixel dimension when layout the resize the video file for email friends, this one is recommended (Free trial version can’t run stand-alone, you may need to download QuickTime Player first).

4. Compressor you already installed on your computer

What If you need minor editing tools and just need some players/finders to play back video? Try QuickTime Player (Only Pro Version supports compressing video files) and Mac Finder. On a PC, you can download a VLC player for free and use it to do the simple compress job.

Now here are several ways for you to choose to compress your files even you don’t a technical guy. You can select one according to your needs, there must be a one for you.

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