How to Record/Play/Convert PVR Decoders Videos for playing on computer/device/TV/VR?

This article shows you two parts about PVR Decoders, part one is what are the video formats of PVR Decoders, part two is what are TS &PS files, part three is record and watch satellite programs on decoders, Part four is how to Convert my recorded programs into a common video file playble by phone or PC. Just reference. 

How to play it on your pc, smartphone or DVD player? This method applies to all pvr decoders because the process of recording programs are virtually the same with little differences in the user interface of the decoder. For example to configure your pvr setting on a tlink decoder, you will goto menu>>expansion>>pvr settings, Similarly, to configure pvr settings on a qsat decoder goto menu>>settings>>pvr settings. But to start the recording proper on either of the two decoders mentioned above or any pvr decoder at all, you will need to press the record button on your remote. 

PVR Decoders supported formats 

After my extensive research, i discovered that most, if not all pvr decoders use the same file format to record. This format is TS or PS. However during the process of recording, the individual decoders may change the encryption and extension of these recorded videos. Therefore after recording on a qsat decoder, you get something like filename.tsv while on a tlink you get filename.ts. The encryption of qsat is stronger than that of tlink, therefore I am yet to come accross any video converter which can convert the ts file recorded on a qsat decoder to a common video format(e.g mp4, avi..) playable on pc on mobile phones. However, i got some degree of luck on tlink and strong decoders. I was able to convert the .ts files to mp4 with pavtube video converter ultimate(this is a paid program). 

What are TS &PS files? 

TS is a standard format for transmission and storage of audio, video, and Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) data. The filename extensions of TS are .ts, .tsv, .tsa. TS can also be extended to M2TS and TOD. The TS files can be easily found from HD camcorders such as Panasonic, Cannon, Sony and more, blu-ray dvd, normal dvd satellite decoders and more. It is a pity that TS files are not compatible with most of media players, portable devices and video editing tools.The ts files on decoders are strictly encrypted while that on DVDs are not encrypted in the real sense of the word. 

MPG (also referred to as MPEG) is the acronym for the Moving Picture Experts Group. Files with the .mpg extension often contain movies that are distributed over the Internet. 

The videos contained within the .mpg files are compressed video files. These files are compressed to allow users to download the files more quickly without sacrificing much of the picture quality in the video itself. 

The .mpg format is also given to many of the VCR videos that are converted to downloadable movies. For example, if you had a VCR containing one of your favorite movies from the 80s, you could convert it to a downloadable movie in the .mpg file format. However, the ps(.mpg) file recorded on qsat, doesn’t display the video after conversion. It is in audio format on your pc. But immediately you play it on your qsat, you will enjoy the video the way it is without picture or sound distortion. 

How to record and watch satellite programs on decoders? 

Like i said in the introduction to this article, you record a program by pressing the record button on your decoder. However, you need o prepare your usb storage device in readiness for the recording. 

Note: Please don’t leave your usb storage device connected to your decoder after recording, always disconnect it when not in use. 2. Don’t use a defective usb storage device, make sure you use a clean mtn external hard-drive or usb pendrive. 3. For best results, dedicate a usb device to your recording purpose without interruptions, that way your decoder will not be infected by virus transferred to your storage device from your computer. 

I will use a qsat decoder and a tlink decoder as my guide then you can apply the methods for all pvr decoders; 


A healthy USB flash drive or A good external harddisk 
Your decoder’s remote control 
A working channel that is there must be a program in progress before recording. 
We all know the advantages of recording a program. It means you have the event of your favourite athletes, artist or musician in a secure place for future reference. For example i am a lover of tennis, wrestling and soccer. I hardly miss any Federer, Andy murray, serena williams, Djokovic matches. I also watch almost all Barcelona, Bayern munic and liverpoool matches. But there is no way i will be there at all times to watch my favorite programs. Another area of concern is soap operas and reality shows like Bigbrother Africa. Your own priorities may diffrer from mine, but we all agree on one thing, we can’t watch all programs at once. so if you record the progrma you think you may miss, you can watch them at your leisure.that is the real essence of PVR features in a decoder. The need of strict encryption stems from the fact that, people may start selling recorded programs(they already do that) PVR decoders manufacturers are merely trying to discourage selling the recorded programs. The whole processes of recording on a decoder dwells on the remote control and the storage device(that is where the files will be stored–For some branded decoders like Dstv original decoders, the USB storage devices are embedded inside their PVR decoder so you can’t even record on external drives let alone watching the recorded files elsewhere). 

Complete the following steps to record On Qsat Decoder: 

Step 1. Once you connect your usb frashdrive or external harddisk as shown above, You will receive the following message on your screen “has_found_storage_device” press Menu on your remote and goto settings>>PVR Config>>then set up as shown below: 

Step 2. goto menu>>multimedia>>scroll till you get to record manager>>if you are on qsat and your drive is ntfs, you must press green button here to convert your ntfs drive to Fat32 or else qsat will give error while you are recording. Most USB Pendrive come as Fat32 by default only external harddrives comes as Nfts that is why you can’t record into external drive with qsat by default. After that press red button to set_parttion. 

Next is for you to simply goto the program channel you want to record and press the record button. once you are done recording, press stop button on your remote and goto record manager to view your recorded program. 

How to Record programs/events on – link decoders (And other Similar Decoders) 

Like I said earlier, Tlink decoder is more advanced than most of it’s contemporaries. To record a program on tlink, connect your usb storage device to any of the ports on the tlink decoder, now goto Menu>>Expansion>>PVR setting>>Set your pvr recording options here, save and exit. 

Now press the “record button” on your remote control to start recoridng your program when you are done recording, Goto>>menu>>expansion>>Usb>>press the right navigation key on your remote till you get to the Movies tab>>Press Ok on your remote to watch your recorded program. To record on any other pvr decoder e.g Azsky G6, dreambox, openbox, zorrobox e.t.c, use the same method above. just locate your pvr settings, the locate your file manager or record manager from where you can play your recorded channels. 

Source: … -your-pvr-decoders/ 

How to Convert my recorded programs into a common video file playble by phone or PC? 

I conduct extensive research, on the various video converters that can convert PS and TS video formats. Unfortunately, while i saw six of them that can convert Unencrypted TS file format, I obly saw one that can convert PVR Decoder’s encrypted .ts files. The unencrypted ts files are the ones you see in a camcoder or a DVD. Below is one best video converter that can convert a TS file they are all paid sofware, but you can try it for free before buying it.

Pavtube Video Converter/Pavtube Video Converter for Mac (Happens to be the best among the video converters) 

When i tried pavtube on the file i recorded on a tlink decoder, it converted it successfully to .mp4 and retain its picture quality. Before now, i was also able to burn the programs recorded on tlink into a dvd for viewing. In a nutshell, if you are using any other decoder apart from a qsat, please try and use pavtube video convert to convert your recorded programs. With it, you can convert any your PVR Decoders video to any format like MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG-2, Apple ProRes, H.265, M3U8 etc 250+ formats for play on HD media player, Tablets, Smartphones, Game consoles, TV, Projectors, and the popular VR headset etc. 

You can read the related review to learn more functions about the best Pavtube video converter: 


Other Download: 
– Pavtube old official address: 
– Amazon Download: 
– Cnet Download: 

Note: If you merely downloaded a .ts program online or you have a DVD encrypted in .ts, you can use any of the Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, to convert the .ts video files into any video formats of your choice. 

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