How to Transfer files between your Smartphone and Computer?

As smartphone has become one of the essential parts of our daily life, we are now not only working them as mobile phones but also the portable devices to watch videos or mini cameras to take photos. In this way, to share the movies or photos to our family members or good friends. For a larger storage, we take our eyesight to the PC or Mac for a better choice. But do you know the good methods of transferring files between smartphone and computers?

Transfer files between smartphone and computer

Frankly speaking, there are two main ways to transfer the files between the devices. Wired transfer and wireless Transfer. Wireless transfer includes Bluetooth transfer or over WiFi. We are going to summarize the workaround to transfer the files between Android phone and MAC or PC.

Notes here: Before the transferring job starts, you should ensure that the videos, audios or photos format can be suitable for both smartphone and PC.

Here are several methods where you can transfer your files whether bigger or smaller between your Windows PC from Android phone or tablet. We will see a quick overview of most of these methods those are relatively easy use and configure if required.

Method 1. Bluetooth

Enable Bluetooth in both your Windows PC and Android tablet and pair it. Now a days most of the Laptops coming with Bluetooth facility similar to the Tablets. After pairing you can send the files by right clicking and selecting send to Bluetooth option in the Windows PC.

Transfer files between smartphone and computer

Method 2. Google Drive/ Dropbox / OneDrive etc.

The Google Drive/ Dropbox methods can be used if your internet usage is free or can be neglected. This is the least complicated method by which you can transfer your files. Just Copy or Move your file into Google Drive / Dropbox / OneDrive folder installed in your PC or Tablet and that’s all. You can access the same file in your Tablet or PC after automatic syncing.

Transfer files between smartphone and computer

Method 3. WiFi Direct / AirDroid / Samsung Kies

WiFi direct will not cost you any money but the Windows PC and Android device must be in the same WiFi hotspot. Setting up of WiFi Direct is not that much simple where you have to go through more settings to start the Data transfer.

Transfer files between smartphone and computer

Method 4. Direct Plugin via USB

This method is simple and usable for most of the files but it requires you to take the USB cable supplied with the Tablet always. It may not be practical to most of the people, hence it is advised only for large file transfers where one will occasionally does. Just plug the USB cable to your PC and set your Tablet as the media device which will enable to access the files as if it is a Pen Drive

Transfer files between smartphone and computer

Method 5. OTG or Suitable cables

Now a days it is possible to connect the Pen Drives to the Tablet using OTG or suitable cables. If you had such a cable with you, then it is easy to transfer files from your Tablet

Transfer files between smartphone and computer

Method 6.MicroSD Card

If your Tablet is having an external SD card, then it will be easier to transfer very big files in the order of GB’s. Fortunately most of the Laptops now have the SD card reader integrated with them which is very helpful to transfer the files. The method is that, we need to copy the file into External SD card, if it is not yet copied, and Remove the Card from Tablet and insert the Card into Laptop (using proper Adapters) and then we can transfer the files from SD card to Laptop. The dis advantage is that, some tablets may not be having SD card option and some laptops may not be having the Card reader options. In addition to that suitable adapters may be required to insert the card into Laptop slot.

Another question: How to transfer those unsupported videos between smartphone and computers?

Though we can use the common ways to make the files to from smartphone to PC, for those incompatible video formats, we still need some third-party tools to transcode the formats. Why not have the Pavtube Video Converter as a try (Here is a Mac trail)? This professional converting assistant can easily convert the videos to compatible ones for PC and Mac. What’s more, so many NLEs or media players are offered there as the output choices we can choose if we need.

With such easy-to-use, fast and safe video converter, for any kinds of video/audio formats like MKV, AVI, M2TS, VOB, FLV, WMV, MPEG, Tivo, MVI, M4V, MP4, WebM, Xvid, Divx, MP3, AAC, AC3, M4A, WMA, FLAC, etc., you won’t be worried about how to transfer files between smartphone and computer.

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