How to Stream HD Video from PC/Mac to TV via Xbox One?

As soon as we are talking about the Xbox One, most people may think of the exciting video games, right? Frankly speaking, except for playing and enjoying games, Xbox One has another function of streaming HD videos to TV from PC or Mac for watching. This article is especially written for us to learn how to stream HD videos to TV for playback via Xbox One.

Stream HD Video to TV via Xbox One

To stream videos from PC to TV, you should first check whether your media files are supported by Xbox. Even though it is said that Microsoft are working on increasing the number of supported formats, some formats still cannot be recognized. In this case, we need to convert those incompatible ones for Xbox One. But don’t worry! Just follow the instruction below to stream any video format from PC to TV using Xbox One.

Part A: How to stream the supported video formats for Xbox One?

It’s rather simple to stream Xbox One supported video formats. All you have to do is some settings to get the job done. Make sure your Xbox and computer are in the same network. Then access the “Setting” menu on your Xbox One. From there, find the “Preferences” option and make sure “Play To” is enabled. These steps will allow your console to have multimedia pushed from any PC.

stream video to Xbox one

Now you can use this “Play To” feature to easily stream your video to Xbox. There are a few different ways to use this feature, depending on your Windows version.

Part 2. Stream videos to Xbox One from PC with Plex Media Server

With the lasted update to Xbox One (Oct 2014), you can now use a new app called Media Player to work with your Plex Media Server perfectly and stream all the video you have set up with it. To do it: Open Apps and Games from your Start screen. Then from the Apps menu, open Media Player.

open Media Player

After a few seconds, your Plex Media Server will show up. Then select on your server and find the video you want to play. You should now be streaming your video from Mac to your Xbox One.

Part 3. How to stream incompatible video formats to Xbox One for watching on TV?

From guide showed above, it is easy for us to stream the Xbox One supported videos, but how could we deal with those unsupported ones? To solve the issues well, we here introduce the Pavtube Xbox One Video Converter for you, which we all look it as the professional Xbox One converter to convert all different videos to supported formats. What’s more, the new H.265/HEVC codec is also available. Brief conversion guide is allowed below:

video converter download
mac video converter download

Install and launch this Xbox One converter on your computer, when you get into the main interface, with the “Add video” or “Add from folder”, you can load your original files in. The go to the output list to choose the supported formats as output ones. For example, “HD Video -> H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)” could be the best one I think.

Xobx one video converter

For other optional functions? Why not go to the “Settings” or “Edit” interface to find more? Finally hit the “Convert” button there, after the conversion, we can easily get the supported video formats as we need. Is that cool?

Conclusion: No matter for supported or unsupported video formats, if you have the idea to stream videos to TV for playback from PC/Mac via Xbox One, this guide indeed can help you a lot. Just look Xbox One as your favorite media server! What are you waiting for?

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