Disable Handbrake Automatic Cropping

HandBrake by default will try and detect and crop black bars from the video. Encoding black bars increases the encode time and the amount of disk space required, so it’s best to let HandBrake remove them. However, sometimes, it may be unnecessary to crop the video. In addition, Handbrake auto-crop is not perfect, a lot of people find that their videos are not cropped properly. The following part will show you how to disable Handbrake automatic cropping and how to correctly crop videos with Handbrake.

How to disable automatic cropping with Handbrake?

“When I load a video into HandBrake, it populates a bunch of default settings. The most annoying of which, is if it perceives borders of a video to be black bars, it will crop them out. I only catch this and change it back to the full 1280×720 about half the time it does it. I’m sick of waiting 30 minutes for a video convert, just to have to go back, change a couple numbers and wait through it all over again! Does anyone know how to turn off this auto-cropping?”

For those people who would like to keep their original video resolution, you can stop Handbrake automatic cropping with the steps below: go to “Picture” tab, navigate to “Cropping”, choose “Custom”, and then set the four crop values (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right) to “0”. Then nothing needs to be changed. Simply leave “Anamorphic” on “Loose’ and “Modulus” on “2”.

How to properly crop video when using Handbrake?

There are many times that you may have the need to crop black bars from the video with Handbrake, you can manually make that by following the steps below:

1. Select “Custom” under “Cropping”.
2. Set values for Top, Bottom, Left, Right respectively based on your own needs.
3. Hit “Preview” in the top toolbar to check if the output looks good. If there’s something wrong, just change the values to make some adjustments.
4. Click “Start” until the output looks fine.

Knowledge about Anamorphic:

If you want to keep the maximum source size as output, just choose Strict;
If you want to decrease the width or maintain the source width, choose Loose;
If you want to set both width and height, None is the choice.

Best Handbrake alternative to crop videos more easily and conveniently

Since the cropping options offered by Handbrake may be a little difficult to them beginners to better understand and control. In addition, sometimes, you may find that you can’t crop video to the exact file resolution that you expect with Handbrake cropping function. Then, here comes a simple to use yet powerful Handbrake alternative – Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for you to crop video correctly.

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The program is very simple to use thanks to its friendly and easy to navigate interface, no matter experienced user or fresh could handle it very well. The program never crops video automatically, for those people who wish to crop a video, you can click the “Edit” button, in the opened “Video Editor” window, click the “Crop” tab, you can easily crop your video with the 2 ways listed below:
A: Crop video by dragging and dropping the crop frame. Simply move your mouse cursor to drag and adjust the green frame to desired position.

Crop by dragging crop frame

B: Crop video by setting values. There are “Simple Mode” and “Advanced Mode” under Crop feature.
In “Simple Mode”, you can customize values in the box of “Left”, “Top” and “Crop Size” to make your crop decision. Under “Advanced Mode”, there are four value fields: Left, Top, Width and Height. You can either type in specific values to the fields or adjust sliders to crop the source file.

Crop mode

Besides properly cropping video for you, the program is also superior to Handbrake in the following aspects:
– Full importing support for various media types including commercial Blu-ray disc/BDMV folder/ISO image, DVD disc/Video_TS folder/IFO/ISO image file and 4K/2K/HD/SD digital video in various different compression codec and container file formats
– Rip or convert cropped video to various popular digital file formats or hot devices and applications preset profile formats for better playing, sharing and backup.
– Offer other beneficial editing functions such as trimming, merging, splitting, watermarking, applying special effect, deinterlacing video, inserting subtitles, etc
– Flexibly adjust output video and audio profile parameters such as video codec, bit rate, frame rate, resolution, audio codec, bit rate, sample rate, channels, etc to get better output video and audio quality.
– Available on both Windows and Mac platform (get Mac version) and also has perfect compatibility with the new Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra.
– Fast conversion speed with batch conversion mode and GPU encoding acceleration for H.264 and H.265 codec.

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