Comparison of Amazon Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10 and Fire

Amazon is introducing four new Fire tablets, one that is being sold for a mere $49.99 called Fire, is being joined by the Fire HD 8 tablet for $149.99 and the Fire HD 10 for $229.99, along with the Fire Kids Edition for $99.99. All those tablets has a lot in common, which table should you choose? Feel hard to make an appropriate decision, the following article will make a comparison of the Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10 and Fire in the aspects of design, display, hardware, software and price.

Fire HD 8 VS Fire HD 10 VS Fire

Amazon Fire design: HD 8 is lightest

The two Fire HD tablets have the similar design, they are the most slimmest and lightest Fire tablets with competitive dimensions. The HD 8 measures 214 x 128mm and weights 311g, while the HD 10 measures 262 x 159mm and weights 432g. By comparison, 432g is pretty light for a 10.1-inch tablet.

The 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet measures 191 x 115mm, but it is a little thicker than its HD brothers at 10.6mm. It is also heavier than the HD 8 at 313g and only comes in black, while the HD 8 are available in black, magenta, blue and tangerine and the HD 10 in black and white.

There is a mono speaker on the Fire, while the HD 8 and HD 10 come with dual stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos.

Amazon Fire display: HD 8 has the sharpest

The biggest difference between the Fire HD and the Fire tablet is the display. The 8-inch model has a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, which is 189ppi. The Fire HD 10 has the same resolution display, meaning a drop to 149ppi, which is pretty low for a tablet of this size.

The Fire meanwhile has a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, 171ppi. Which means it packs in pixels tighter than the larger HD family. Although the Fire HD 10 has the largest display, it’s likely to be the Fire HD 8 that looks the best of the bunch.

Amazon Fire hardware: HD models take the win

As for internal specs, the power that you’ll get from the Fire HD and Fire tablets is also different. Both the Fire HD 8 and the Fire HD 10 are equipped with a 1.5GHz quad-core chip, while the Fire only has a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, what means that the Fire HD models will run much faster the Fire tablets.

To expanding external storage, all the three models have microSD card that support for storage up to 128GB. In regard to internal memory, the Fire has 8GB, while the HD 8 comes in 8GB or 16GB models and the HD 10 in 16GB or 32GB.

Both 3 models have front and rear cameras, however, the HD models offers a 720p HD front-facing camera with a 5-megapixel rear camera capable of 1080p video recording while the 7-inch with drops a little in megapixels. It has a VGA front-facing snapper and a 2-megapixel rear camera capable of 720 HD video recording.

The battery also differs with the Fire offering up to 7 hours of reading, surfing, watching and listening compared to the HD models that claim to deliver one hour more. One more thing worth mentioning is the Fire only supports single band Wi-Fi, while the HD models support dual-band.

Amazon Fire hardware software: All models offer Bellini

In terms of operating system, all three Fire tablets will come with the new Fire OS 5 Bellini software so that you will have the same user experience on them, even if the speed differs slightly.

You’ll have full access to over 38 million movies, TV episodes, songs, books, apps and games as with other Fire tablets, but the new Bellini home screen has dedicated content pages for each. There is a feature called Word Runner that is claimed to be a new fun way to read faster by keeping your eyes focused on the centre of the page, bringing the words to you.

There are plenty of features to play around with, as well as more coming and for those familiar with Fire tablets, you’ll still get the same services you have had in the past.

Amazon Fire price: Which is the best model?

The Amazon Fire occupy the headlines with a price of just £49.99, which makes it one of the most affordable tablets, however, it still has drawbacks as a result.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 will cost you £129.99 for an 8GB model or £149.99 for a 16GB model, while the Fire HD 10 is £169.99 for 16GB of storage and £199.99 for 32GB. Those two tablets are all great value for money.

We’re prone to the Fire HD 8. It betters the Fire in a number of areas, but offers most of the advantages of the Fire HD 10. We’d be tempted by the HD 8 with 16GB, and a 128GB mircoSD card for expansion.


It’s hard to say which tablet is the best. The Fire tablet is the cheapest, but you get a slightly smaller display, less power and less internal memory, as well as megapixels dropped camera capability. It is also thicker and heavier than the HD 8. The Fire HD 8 has a slightly bigger display, as well as the sharpest of the three, while also sporting the same power as the Fire HD 10, but at a reduced price. You sacrifice the option of more internal storage and 2-inches of display, but everything else you get is the same. While The Fire HD 10 is the largest of the three new tablets, which definitely has its advantages, but it is also the heaviest and it has the lowest pixel density when it comes to display. It is also the most expensive.

We’d say the Fire HD 8 looks like the most interesting of these three tablets based on the specs. It is a good price, a good size, the lightest of the bunch, offers the most colour options, and has the same specs as its bigger brother, apart from storage.

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