Pavtube Video Converter Review

When you find your desired content like movies, music videos or any other sort of media online, it isn’t always possible to get them in a convenient file format. Since we have different supported formats for different devices, you would definitely need a solution to convert files into other formats. For instance, you may want to convert a full HD movie in .mkv format to play on your PS4. To do that, you certainly need a video converter.

Won’t it be awesome if you can have some other capabilities along with the high-speed file conversion? Well, that is what Pavtube Video Converter brings to the stage, in form of a multipurpose video converter suite.

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What Can Pavtube Video Converter Help Me?

Convert all SD/HD/2K/4K video to your desired formats, devices and programs optimized file formats, encode and decode H.265/HEVC codec, output M3U8 for streaming with local HTTP server, create 3D effect movies from both 2D or 3D resources.

Now some new features of the Pavtube Video Converter

1. Add Apple Prores as output.

2. Support encoding to HEVC MKV.

3. Compatible with Sony/LG/Samsung/Panasonic TVs.

4. Support H.265/HEVC encoding and decoding

5. Output M3U8 format

6. Support Sony XAVC/XAVC S/XAVC L format

7. Fix some bugs

8. Support output format for new devices like iPhone 7

More features of Pavtube Video Converter

Ease of Use

It does not matter whether you are purchasing the full version or just trying out the free trial, the installation process is same. You have to download the setup file from the official site of Pavtube. However, it is essential to have an active internet connection, as the setup downloads files during the process.


Functionality would be of foremost importance when you choose a video converter. In this respect, the solution is a quite reliable one. As we said before, there are four main sections of Pavtube Video Converter, offering better results for each kind of tasks.


The first and main section is for Converting. Here, you have more than 150 media file formats under your control and file conversion can be done between these formats. Pavtube practically supports any to any video conversion. Hence you do not have to worry about old or new media formats that you might be having.

Compatibility of Formats

As we mentioned earlier, more than 150 media formats are compatible with Pavtube Video Converter and can be useful for almost any purpose. In addition to this, it uses a new compression standard i.e High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) H.265. It ensures the same quality video while bring down the size to a noticeable level. So, there is no question asked about the compatibility aspect. When we tested, it was able to cope with all the media formats we stumbled upon. If you are confused with formats, you can select the device and the format will be set automatically.

Conversion Speed

Pavtube claims that Pavtube Video Converter can offer 6x faster conversion for the media files you want to get into another format. In light of our experience, we would say the conversion speed of the tool is just awesome. We tried to convert a 120MB MP4 file into MKV, and the task was finished in less than one minute, which is contrary to the many other video converters we had tried before.


Of course, you cannot have all these features for free! Basically, Pavtube Video Converter is paid tool for video conversion and related tasks. It generally priced at only $35.

Start using this powerful video converter, my friend! Have a try!!

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