Fast Encode H.265/HEVC with Nvidia GPU Acceleration

Although there are many tools allow you to encode H.265 video, however, you may be disappointed to find that a lot of applications encodes H.265 video so slowly just as the condition listed below:

“I encoded some H.265 video on my Mac using Handbrake. It was painfully slow.”

“I am using the default settings of Adobe Premiere Pro to export a 30 sec 4K H.265 file to take forever, and the computer slows down a lot since all 8 cores see active during the export.”

“Handbrake is telling me, it will take 25 hours to encode a 2hours and 20 minutes Blu ray movie to H.265.”

Why it is very time consuming to encode H.265 video?

The High Efficiency Video Codec, HEVC or H.265 encode a video file that only occupy half the space of its H.264 equivalent with no noticeable change in quality. However, Higher efficiency usually comes with a cost: complexity. H.265 is far more difficult to encode as a result of its complexity, and can require up to 10 times the compute power to encode at the same speed as H.264. You’ll likely find that your videos take many times longer than before, and real-time encoding is virtually unheard of with home PCs. It also means that the high demand on CPU power slows down H.265 encoding speed.

Fast encode H.265 with Nvidia GPU hareware acceleration

The good news is that if you happen to have a Maxwell (GM206) or Pascal based Nvidia Graphic card, you can take good advantage of your computer GPU’s dedicated HEVC encoding block to transcode video into HEVC significantly faster than those programs that encode H.265 video with computer CPU power.

To encode H.265 with Nvidia GPU hardware acceleration, you will need to download a program that supports Nvidia NVENC technology. Here comes the powerful yet simple to use application called Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, with the program, you can get up to 30x faster H.265 codec encoding speed as long as you run your computer on Maxwell (GM206) or Pascal based Graphic cards that supports Nvidia NVENC technology.

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The program has full importing support for media types including commercial Blu-ray/DVD disc, digital video with virtually any file formats, you can easily encode both HD/4K H.265 video with either the container format of MP4 or MKV with perfect quality. It has perfect compatibility with the new Windows 10/8.1/8/7, in addition, it also keeps constant update with perfect support for the new Windows OS.

Besides fast encoding H.265 video, the program also assists you to fast encode H.264 video by using the technology of Nvidia CUDA or AMD App technology.

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Step by Step to Fast Encode H.265 with Nvidia GPU Encoding Acceleration

Step 1: Import video or load Blu-ray/DVD disc into the program.

Start the program on your computer, click “File” > “Add Video/Audio” to import digital file formats into the program, for loading Blu-ray or DVD disc, insert your DVD disc into your computer’s optical drive and your Blu-ray disc into an external Blu-ray drive, click “File” > “Load from Disc” to load Blu-ray/DVD disc into the program.

Load video or Blu-ray/DVD disc

Step 3: Output H.265 MP4 or MKV format.

Click “Format” drop-down bar, scroll down to select “Common Video” > “H.265 Video(*.MP4)” as the output file format.

Output H.265 MP4 format

For outputting H.265 MKV format, select “HD Video” > “MKV HD Video(*.mp4)” to output, then hit “Settings” on the main interface to open “Profile Settings” window, under Video settings panel, click “Codec” drop-down selection, choose “H.265” as your final output file codec.

Outputting H.265 MKV format

Step 3: Enable GPU Encode Acceleration.

Click “Tools” > “Options”, in the opened “Options” window, click “Acceleration” menu, then check “Enable GPU Encode Acceleration” otpion so that the program will accelerate conversion speed when encoding video/Blu-ray/DVD to H.265/HEVC codec.

Encode GPU encode acceleration

Step 4: Begin the H.265/HECV codec encoding process.

After all settings is completed, hit right-bottom “Convert” button to begin the conversion from video/Blu-ray/DVD to H.265/HEVC encoding process.

When the conversion is completed, you will get a perfect quality H.265/HEVC file with smaller file size for smoothly viewing and streaming on different devices.

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