How to Use Plex to Get Media From PC to Roku Box?

For the Roku box , all the channels will make it more powerful for extend its functions for all kinds of videos, TV shows, movies from it. The Plex will play the role as the “plug-in” gear to stream your personal media libraries into your Roku Box.


Plex, as the most hottest media server right now , has totally solved the promptly playback problem on any devices if you under the same net. If you have the Roku set-top box and add the Plex channel into your Roku box, then you can enjoy all of your personal media. You can easily stream your videos, music, photos and home movies to your Roku using your Plex Media Server.You can even use your other Plex devices to control Plex on Roku. With Plex, we can enjoy any videos so nicely.

You can enjoy almost everything you want on your TV LIKE Amazon (Premiere and Instand), Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Pandora. So how to make this Plex work for gettings media from PC to Roku will be simply discussed here.

Step 1. Add the Plex Channel to your Roku
Step 2. Download and install the Plex Media Server utility , which played as a linking role for your media library to the box.
Step 3. Right-click the Plex Media Server icon in your System Tray, then choose Media Manager. That should open a new tab in your browser, which is where you’ll set up the media you want to share with your Roku.
Step 4. Eventually you’ll see five options for adding media to your library. The process is the same for all, so click one (say, Photos), then click Add and navigate to the folder containing the photos you want to add.
Step 5. When you’ve finished making your selections, click Add Section. Again, it may take a minute
or two for your media to appear in the browser tab.
Step 6. Now head to your TV, fire up the Roku, and choose the Plex channel. You should see your selected media channels, which you can now browse and view as you like.

Things you need to know:

1. For the file naming, you have to follow the Plex’s Naming Guide , which may be important for your Plex to recognize all your TV Shows, Movies and videos.

2. As for the video format things, if you want to stream them into different devices. Some wired codec like XAVC may stop your process. No need to worry about that, just for this Pavtube Video Converter for Windows/Mac, all incompatible format things will be solved once for all.

Simple review which is deserved to learn well:

For many users may have this problem that even their videos can be recognized by Plex while still can’t playback correctly or there will be sluggish when pull the process bar.

First, please check about your File name, if they are not named followed by the Plex’s Naming Guide, then Plex can’t read them.

Second, please make sure your format is compatible with this Plex. (Plex supported format)

For some wired codec, you can choose to transcode them into H.264, with this converter , you don’t have to worry about the quality drop thing, for you can choose “HD Video”>”H.264 HD Video” for it will output as H.264 High Profile. Take this reference below:


For more, we can choose the ‘Edit’ and ‘Settings’ buttons on the main interface to adjust more items for output videos. Then go back, just hit the big icon ‘Convert’, we can easily get the videos there suitable for Roku Box.

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